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The Architects Registration Board (ARB) is the body set up by Parliament as the independent UK regulator of architects. We keep the official UK Register of Architects, and only people in our Register are legally entitled to use the name "architect" in business or practice.

Under Section 20 of the Architects Act 1997, the title “architect” is protected. It can only be used in business or practice by people who have had the education, training and experience needed to become an architect and who are registered with us. When someone uses the title “architect”, it means that members of the public can check with us that they are dealing with a genuine and qualified professional. Details of any disciplinary findings against architects can be found here.

You can find an architect by using the options below. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can call us on 0800 389 6221 (overseas +44 207 580 5861) or email us at info@arb.org.uk.

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