Southgate architects

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Name Registration Number Company Name Location
Adam Paul Jenkins 072986H Ballymore 34 Orchard Avenue, London, N14 4ND
Elpida Kyriacou 055888E Southgate, London, N14 5QR
Jillian Donnelly 068030C 31 Fountains Crescent, London, N14 6BG
Angelina Zittis 090669G PMP Construction Ltd 286 Chase Road, London, N14 6HF
Sofia Aslanidou 091959D P M P Construction 286 Chase Road, London, N14 6HF
Ioannis Karamanos 094002J Build Therm Services Ltd 286c Chase Road, London, N14 6HF
George Athanasi 066175I GLA Architecture and Design Ltd. 286A Chase Road,, London, N14 6HF
John Despoti 059173D John Despoti RIBA Chartered Architect 33 The Vale, London, N14 6HR
Sze Nam Kenzaf Chung 091763J Yogo Group 309 Chase Road, London, N14 6JS
Jorge Gil Iglesias 082555G 321 Chase Road, London, N14 6JT
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