Peninsula architects

Name Registration Number Company Name Location
Maria Dolores Fernandez Redondo 074309G DG Cities Ltd. North Greenwich Peninsular, London, SE10 0ER
Robert Charles Sheil 061211A The Bartlett School Of Architecture 80 Annandale Road, London, SE10 0JZ
Jennifer Pui Yun Wong 069229H West Parkside, London, SE10 0QQ
Christopher John Page 044384K Greenwich, London, SE10 0RS
Valeriano Lorenzo 086089A Valeriano Lorenzo - Architect 18 Colomb Street, London, SE10 9EW
Bruno Cantale 064461G Cantale Design Architects Ltd 123 Trafalgar Road, London, SE10 9TX
Andrew John Houlton 067526A Houlton Architects Greenwich, London, SE10 9UR
Adrian Stewart Banks 062849B 24 Rathmore Road, London, SE7 7QW