Burnage architects

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Name Registration Number Company Name Location
Alison Margaret Lowe 070734A The Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 7EL
Anna Paola Cossu 069612I 72 Homewood Road, Manchester, M22 4DQ
Laura Miriam Sanderson 076944D Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester, Lancashire, M1 5GD
Maria Fernandez Cadaval 089164I Manchester, Lancashire, M218BD
Michael Andrew Macpherson 052116G Mike Macpherson Architects Manchester, Lancashire, M21 8DD
Lisa Sally Raynes 062357A Gatley, Cheshire, SK8 4PE
Gary Anthony Bate 059526H Bate & Taylor Architects Manchester, Lancashire, M1 5GG
Simon Craig Reid 053944I Reid Architects Ltd Manchester, Lancashire, M1 3NJ
Michael Morris Taylor 056083I Bate and Taylor Architects 4A Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5GG
Matthew David McCombes 074494H Bate and Taylor Architects Manchester, Lancashire, M1 5GG
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