Prestwich architects

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Name Registration Number Company Name Location
Anja Schade 074963J 72 Victoria Avenue East, Manchester, M9 6HB
Stephen Paul Coates 053522B Formation Design 85 Greengate, Manchester, M3 7NB
Peter Alexander Walker 055427H Professor of Construction Science Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4WT
Maria Roberta Rotondo 082809B Manchester, Lancashire, M4 4AJ
Sara Vieira Nobre Biscaya 088243G University of Salford Salford, Lancashire, M5 4WT
Adrian Philip Houlder 083045C Landscape Projects Salford, Lancashire, M3 7AQ
Scott James Chenery 083122K OMI Architects Salford, Greater Manchester, M3 7AQ
Jayesh Kiranbhai Mistry 082804A O M I Architects Salford, Lancashire, M3 7AQ
Luis Felipe Penalva Morrondo 083993K Salford, Lancashire, M6 8HJ
Erin Alyssa Towsley 085658D O M I Architects Salford, Lancashire, M3 7AQ
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